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How to grow your business through UX/UI

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When you are running a business, there are some fundamental things that you need to take care of. One of these things is UX/ UI Design, it might not seem an investment of your time, efforts or money but you have no idea how much of a difference it could make not just in the long run, but for first impressions as well.

Why UX and UI are important?

If you think of it yourself, how much time does it take for you to form an opinion about a website or a mobile application? A casual look through the interface and you somewhat make up your mind about it. A study shows that it takes just 0.05 seconds for an average user to form an opinion about such digital platforms. You can understand that you don’t really have a wide time range to make an impression on your existing as well as potential customers or clients.

Various factors play a role in the determination of how the users perceive your brand image:

  • Easy navigation through the website or application. People want content without looking for it too much.
  • Proper and sufficient information is the key to get user engagement.
  • Branding plays a major role in digital platforms. It promotes your brand image.
  • An appealing and attractive interface can get you more conversions and engagement.

How can UX/ UI help you?

UX and UI design is much more than just an interface. The whole idea goes as deep as understanding what your users really want and what could possibly attract more users. 

For instance, if you have a company logo that does not denote the products or services you offer, it can prove to be a setback in establishing first impressions. 

Your logo or the imagery on the website or application should provide a clear understanding about what the company is all about. This will help the users to get a deeper insight into the company and its services. The proper usage of colors, fonts, imagery, graphics and design of even a startup can generate more revenue that a well established company with poor elements. Why? Because the world is turning digital, so are the businesses and the users. Improving these elements will result in effective brand marketing.

We can now conclude that UX/ UI can help you grow your business and also how. Users are always attracted to companies that are up to date with the market trends and make a lasting impression. They are looking for platforms that make their lives easier. As much as your company might be capable of doing that, effective UX/ UI elements are like a cherry on the top to ensure your growth and conversions. 

Zoe McVeigh

Zoe McVeigh

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