The term ‘Extended design team’ sounds fancy? Doesn’t it? It’s more than just a fancy term taking up space in your vocabulary list. An extended design team helps you see beyond your team and provides you with some more sets of eyes to help you get your work done faster. Gives you a different perspective and an additional set of specific skills, this is where the extended design team comes in handy.

What is an extended design team ?

An extended design team, like the name suggests, is an extension to your current design team. A team of individuals there to help to get things done with 100% efficiency. The design team can be near-shored or off-shored, working together with your current team to make ends meet. The choice of appointing an extended team to fill in the gap helps make the in-house team’s work faster and simpler. An extended team could act like a permanent extended team or just like a one-time extension deal to help you bridge the gap. 

Benefits and key features of an extended design team


The extended design team provides hasslefree flexibility to the project and saves a lot of time as there is no need to recruit any more people to get your work done. The team includes all the talent you need. Helps you get your project across faster and makes the process fun and easy. 


The whole motive behind appointing an extended team is to be in charge of the project plus having people to work for you. Gives the in-house team a chance to learn from the extended team and vice versa.  It’s all about getting things done without someone invading your team’s privacy. 


By appointing an extended team you’re not only enhancing your team’s creative ability but also creating a bigger talent pool. Talent from all across the globe could help you reach the full potential of your company. This goes easy on your pocket and introduces versatility.


The team appointed to you follows a project-based approach. They have a one project one time rule, they don’t juggle between projects which provides you with all the assurance you need. The tasks and various responsibilities are divided amongst the in-house team and an extended team which provides all projects with a second eye. 


The workings of an Extended design team are transparent as there aren’t any intermediaries between the two. The in-house team along with the extended work together, hassle-free and make it work. The extended team provides you with complete control over the project. 

Thus, an Extended design team works completely under your supervision and the thorough model is based on mutual understanding. Understanding to work together and push your company further down the line. The extended team comes with a learning curve and is home to an absolute skill set.

Zoe McVeigh

Zoe McVeigh

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