Our design sensibilities
are always on point.

Harnessing the latest Technology, Team Hyfen focuses on the human-centred side of creative problem-solving.
We believe that Design should not just have a great looking exterior but also have a problem-solving ability and for that, we have set up a 5 step design process that helps provide the best possible solution to our partners.

Disco with our clients

We’re not talking about hitting the dance floor here,(though we would like to do that once in a while) disco for us means Discovery - Knowing our partners. Working closely with our partners, we try and understand the idea behind the product. Asking questions like who are we designing for, what are their needs, what are their problems, we gather information through client and user interviews and collate the data.

Fact Finding

Here we define the facts and identify the problem. Analysing all that we’ve learnt and breaking it down into insights, we list the challenges faced by our partners. This allows us to zero in on the actual need or problem and helps us designing a solution to the same.


Brainstorming about the challenges, we come up with solutions to match the insights. Here we conceptualise the design based on our findings and try and come up with a concept that meets all the requirements of our partners. We aim for ‘A perfect fit!’


The concept is then developed into moodboards. Moodboard is a composition of visuals, images and other creatives that gives a good idea of the product that needs to be created. This gives us a chance to showcase our design sensibilities to our partners and then based on the feedback we make the necessary design changes.
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